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Play Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Online

It’s a good thing massive wars with all their plagues are left in the past. Today, we live a peaceful, comfortable life and don’t have to deal with military affairs – except in computer games. If you enjoy a good fight on your PC screen, welcome to a new online war strategy called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, otherwise known as simply UEBS. Continuing the traditions of other titles in a similar genre, this spectacular and incredibly fascinating game will take you to a virtual battleground where weapons clash and blood runs like a river. As the general of your army, you have to do everything in your power to ensure the victory… or simply have fun observing 3D troops beating the hell out of each other. UEBS has a lot of surprises in store for you, so let’s check them out!

Conquer and grow

In the level mode, your primary task is to go through all the locations earning money for each victory and hiring ever more formidable troops to bring down any enemy that might come your way. The choice of units is crucial in securing a favorable outcome of the combat. Each map has its own landscape peculiarities offering immense tactical opportunities for successful attacks, sieges and defense campaigns. Keep that in mind while selecting your troops and placing them on the location. In the set menu, there are also basic commands for your soldiers, including attack and hold ground. Once everything is ready, all you’re left to do is press the start button and watch the course of the fight. Since the graphics is rather high-quality, this can be an enjoyable sight!

Orcs against chicken?

The most hilarious part of the game, though, is the trial battle mode where you can stage just about any battle you envision. There are no money restrictions, so you can hire any number of units of any type and set them up against each other in a number of freaky scenarios. For instance, you can find out whether armored cavalry stands any chance against a line of cannons or even send thousands of battle chicken running through an army of horrifying orcs. There are plenty of ways to make your evening memorable with all the opportunities offered by UEBS. Plunge into the heat of a brutal fight and come up with tons of mind-boggling battle ideas to implement on dozens of amazing 3D arenas of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator!