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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is yet another spectacular and thrilling online war strategy where your task is to arrange armies of just about any size on a vast variety of maps and set them up against each other until one of the armies eliminates all of its enemies. However, scoring a victory is not the main point here. Although you do move through the levels in the campaign mode and have an upgradable army to take on even stronger enemy troops, playing UEBS is more about fooling around than polishing your battle strategy.

You are going to have full control of your army’s quantities and types. At the beginning of each battle, you’ll be prompted to choose your warriors from the assortment of units available and place them on the map to gain maximum advantage of your enemy. Well-chosen tactics will allow you to prevail even an outnumbering foe. Once all preparations are done, press Start and the combat will begin. During the battle, you’ll be able to give basic orders to your units – for instance, attack or hold position. There is also a possibility to control one of the warriors personally which might come in quite handy in the heat of the fight when your chances seem to wane.

However, the most exciting part of the game is definitely the trial mode in which you can set up just about any confrontation, no matter how historically improbable and overall crazy, without thinking about the money. Since there are no gold limitations in this mode, you are free to choose any number of soldiers you wish and stage a memorable fight on one of the picturesque locations available in the game. Invent your own war scenario, implement it on a virtual battleground and enjoy the massacre until there is only last man left standing!


  • Look, hit
  • Jump, Run

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