UEBS Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator


What can be better than a nice fight? You and your enemy, you face each other, and start kicking or shooting. Though, this scenario works only in virtual world, because you may face serious consequences with police or have your health damaged. If you want to feel the adrenalin rush, you may play the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. Here you will find fierce opponents that will fight wit you, as if it was their last day. If you are ready to test your fighting skills, you can do it after purchasing the early access on Steam, because this game is in the process of development. Nevertheless, you will be surprised by the amount of exciting stuff you will find in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

You will be able to choose any type of character, and you are not limited only by people. You may choose a turtle-warrior that is more than any castle, and all people around it seem to be smaller than flies. If you played in similar games earlier, you probably noticed that the number of soldiers is limited by a couple of dozens, and that wasn’t that cool. In Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator you can choose the quantity of your army, and there are practically no limits to the number of enemies that you may vanquish. The AI is implemented perfectly, and you will see how your enemy acts like in real life.

The characters are depicted in a sketchy way, without details, and you the scale is very big, so you can imagine everything as on the real battlefield. You can decide what number of soldiers you want to see, and even one hero can fight against the whole army. His name is Chuck Norris, and he is known for his unique abilities to kill all enemies with bare hands. Believe it or not, you may use even animals that will make your enemy tremble with fear. Modern soldiers with the most up-to-date technique, or medieval knights – it’s up to you to choose. The developer promises to add a lot of interesting things, so let’s wait for them.


  • Look, hit
  • Jump, Run

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