If you are looking for some crazy game to blow off steam and get your daily doze of adrenaline, welcome to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator and see gameplay and how to play. This is an arcade strategy where you can stage battles of your own design without taking care of historical plausibility. For instance, players have an option to set an army of Roman legionaries against ten thousands chicken. Or make a heavily armored Medieval army fight against a group of soldiers from World War II. Or siege a Medieval castle with nuclear weapon. The only thing you are limited with is your own imagination.

Each of the campaign levels will start the same. You’ll get a certain allotment of money for hiring troops that are going to take part in the upcoming combat. Evaluate your tactical opportunities to make the best possible choice. This will directly affect the outcome of the confrontation. If you do everything right, you’ll have no difficulty in scoring a desired victory. In case the scales tip in your favor, you’ll get access to the next level and also more cash to upgrade your army.

If you don’t want to be restricted by anything, the game also features a trial mode allowing you to set up a battle of your own using just about any types of troops. There will be no money limit and you’ll be able to produce the most epic battles in human history! Get carried away by the hit of a fierce combat and do everything that’s in your power to win!



  • Look, hit
  • Jump, Run

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