There are many video and online games that deal with fighting in various executions. You may witness face-to-face battles of heroes that use weapon or their own fists, tanks and hard artillery. But you will hardly find games, where you will control the whole army! And we don’t mean that you’ll be dealing with a couple of contestants that you will grant special powers, but a huge number of warriors under your control, and the numerous opponents that you will hardly see the end of their squadron. Well, if you are ready to try your hand at such huge battle, welcome to the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator!

This game isn’t finished yet, but you can buy it on Steam, and get the early access. There are games that propose you very limited number of actions that you may perform, but UEBS is not like them. Here you will find plenty of things to do, and you won’t be disappointed by purchasing this product. You will see millions of opponents on the both sides, and they may be totally different. You may pick knight from the Medieval period, and make they fight with each other like in crusade. If you are interested in modern interpretations, you may choose zombies. If you believe that one person can go through the entire battle on his own, then it will probably be Chuck Norris. Do you want to prove everyone that he is really invincible? You may even choose animals to fight for you. Thus, a huge turtle will be able to attack your enemies successfully. And what is the most interesting: you may choose the number of soldiers in your army, making it very little, or enormous.

Well, making a perfect online game isn’t easy, especially if there is only one developer. But this example proves that everything is possible, and you may prove that one commander over the huge army may become the greatest, and lead his people to the victory. You may become the real legend and make all your friends envy that aren’t such successful as you are. Whatever it will be, still we should wait for the complete release, and see how everything works here, in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.


  • Look, hit
  • Jump, Run

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