The epoch of massive wars is over, but you still can take part in a breathtaking battle featuring thousands of warriors online! And Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator in Beta version is going to help you. This is a full-featured online combat simulator with a unique design. As part of the gameplay, you can either participate in one of the numerous ready battles or create your own scenarios. Regardless of the mode you choose, you are guaranteed to get tons of thrilling emotions! At the beginning of each level, you’ll get a certain limit of money for hiring various kinds of troops, including swordsmen, archers, artillery and other units. Your task as a general is to pick the best possible combination of warriors and place them on the map in the best possible way to win the upcoming battle. Don’t expect it to be that easy. Achieving optimal results will require a lot of practice and strategic thinking. But, with time, you are going to learn how to deal even with outnumbering enemy’s troops! If you feel like you still need a bit of learning before going to real war, how about running a few test battles in a special training mode?


  • Look, hit
  • Jump, Run

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