Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2


Have you ever seen a crowd of spearmen attacking a line of firing cannons? If not, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator will knock your brains out! This massive battle strategy will take you to a virtual battleground where the combat will unfold. Take a close look around and note all the benefits of that location. Perhaps, you can use some of them to your advantage while placing the troops? A good general knows when to shoot the enemy soldiers from a hideout and when to move the cavalry into the fight to deliver a fatal blow. Count your money and pick units that are best suited for the task at hand. As you clear level after level, your wealth will grow and your army will get stronger. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun and arrange your own crazy battle simulation in the test mode! There are dozens of warriors available for you to stage the most improbable combat scenarios with troops from different epochs. Find out whose steel is sturdier!


  • Look, hit
  • Jump, Run

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