Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a grand-scale sandbox similar to the popular TABS, but here you aren’t limited by any restrictions. You can create armies of unspeakable size. The only limits are connected to your PC functionality. Gather thousands of different warriors: Romans, orcs, trolls and even penguins. Developers tried to add as many types of soldiers as possible to make the game more thrilling and diverse. Some of the units are beyond the boundaries of sanity! Another pleasant peculiarity of UEBS is that you can personally control one of the units during the battle which increases your chances of success.

The game comes in two modes. In the level mode, you are challenged to complete ever more complicated missions fighting against various armies moving from one location to another. To fit out your own army, you’ll have a limited stash of gold, so use it wisely; after all, every unit matters, and placing them strategically on the map will guarantee your success. Each victory will bring you more gold to spend on even stronger and deadlier troops. Upgrade your army to an incredibly dangerous extent and leave your foes without a chance to win!

Those willing to get everything at once can have fun in the trial battle mode where you can set any types of armies against each other without being budget-tight. The options are multiple and so are the units available for recruiting. Imagine a crowd of archers taking their chances against a line of cannon artillery! Or a group of armored knights hacking and slashing their way through a horde of… battle chicken! The scenario of the combat is up to you. Enjoy the show of your own design in UEBS!


  • Look, hit
  • Jump, Run

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