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If you are looking for a game that will provide you with a decent portion of adrenaline-packed action while also bringing out your strategic skills, welcome to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator! This is a unique online strategy with two modes. The first mode challenges you to call up a mighty army, arrange warriors and archers on the battlefield in such a way so as to gain a tactical advantage over your enemy and take over your opponent. Each victory will bring you a certain amount of gold that you can spend on upgrading your army and preparing for the next combat. The choice of troops is pretty abundant. There are spearmen, knights, archers, musketeers, paladins and other warriors ready to fight for you without fear and mercy. The second mode is a full-fledged war simulator without any money limits. You can lead as many armies as you can and observe two of your armies confronting each other on the blood-soaked ground. Make the most of the available resources and conquer all of your virtual foes!



  • Look, hit
  • Jump, Run

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